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Beneploy  - international placement and internships


is an international group of companies that manages recruitment / placement / internship / training programs across the globe. The company has offices in: Canada (Edmonton, AB), USA (Miami, FL), UK (London), Romania (Bucharest), Israel (Haifa), India (several offices), Philippine (main office – Manila), Nepal (Kathmandu) and Sri-Lanka (main office – Colombo). The company was established at the year 1995 and since then and up to now helped thousands of workers / students to find work / internship at several countries like the USA / Canada and Europe countries.

The company offers work placement services as well as educational programs and training program from various of kinds starting from programs forward permanent citizenship (for Canada and the USA) and short term programs for students like Summer work and travel (in the USA including Alaska) and several kind of internships (mostly paid internships).

General program and position description

This is a study and work program. The studies forward advanced education at hospitality at various of departments. Beneploy offer the option to work during the time of study in order to help the students to cover their cost of living. The program is aimed for hospitality graduates that have experience at the hospitality sector that want to expend their knowledge base in order to be able to get better opportunities in the future for better work. The program length is one year. Beneploy will assist the student with finding part time work that will help them to cover their costs of living and tuition. The program is under the Tier 4 visa schema of the UK government and it is supported by highly trusted sponsor.

The program may lead the participants to a work permit as a teacher in the UK.

Collage and work place is locate in England.

*** there is a good chance for students that will join the early 2012 intake to have part time position at the Olympic games during 2012 that will help in the UK !!! 

Eligibility conditions

In order to be qualified for studies at this specific position, candidates have to face those basic eligibility conditions:

Age limit: from 21 to 45years of age.

Needed experience: N/R

Education requirements: at least 6 month of relevant teaching experience. 

Language:  IELTS 5.5 and above. 

Others:  Student that ask to participate will need to stand in line with ALL requirement of the Tier 4 visa requirement of the embassy in their home country. 

                                                                                             Link to the official student visa guide in India

Job description and duties

Position / profession name:  hospitality, cooks, chefs, housekeeping, front desk andvarious of other positions. 

Job duties: all duties at the hotel or restaurant according to the sector / department that they will be assign to according to the UK standards and regulation. 

 Open for applications from: December 1st, 2011. Initial intake is for end of January 2012 and each 3 month from that date. 

Close date for submission of applications: end of December 2011 

Over all processing time table: 4 to 8 month , depending on the student. 

Visa Type: Teir 4 


Link to the Tier 4 Official page

Types and number of position available

Position name : hospitality , various of departments.

Number of candidates needed : 25


Basic salary: from 6.00 GBPper hour to 7.00 GBP .

Working week: 30 hours per week hours per week as regular hours. At holidays and during summer time, full week !

Students will be eligible for tips as it is acceptable at the institute that they will be assigned to. 

Days off: various, there is an option to work shifts. 

Other conditions:


a.Will be paid by students .

b.If paid be prospective students, estimated costs per week50 – 70 GBP 

c.General description of the accommodation shared flat. Beneploy will help the student to find the flats and join together in order to save with costs of living.  

2.Transportation (international):

a.Air fare will be paid by students.

b.If paid by prospective employees, estimated cost depending on the time of year.

3.Transportation (local):

a.Transportation costs will be paid by students. 


a.Food costs will be paid by student.

b.If paid by prospective employees, estimated costs of food20 – 30 GBP  perweek

5.Embassy costs:

a.Embassy costs will be paid by student.

b.If paid by prospective employees, the current costs of embassy fees 255 GBP.

6.Medical Insurance:

a.Embassy costs will be paid by student.


After completing the program , student may be able to expand their stay for an advanced studies forward level 5 HSC for leadership and management.

Link for more info

Link to our forum ( for any question that may be)

download the postion description

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